Newsletter Insight: What's in a cover?

For those of you who follow the newsletter, you might be familiar with this post! It was a part of the my first one ever and featured the insight of a model and actor, Samy Osman! And not to mention, the cover model for my BE ON THE LOOKOUT: BODYGUARD! So, in celebration for BOLO: BODYGUARD's book birthday today I've finally decided to make the interview public right here! 

If you're curious about the process of what has to happen behind the scenes before we get to see the front cover of an Intrigue, read on! And if you want to see more Insider's Insight segments, sign up for the newsletter now here!

Note: Everything below is copied from my August 2016 newsletter.

Ever wonder about that man or woman on the cover of the Intrigue you're reading? I know I have! Thanks to SAMY OSMAN, the cover model for BE ON THE LOOKOUT: BODYGUARD (and forever in my mind the character Jonathan Carmichael), now we have some answers! Here's a little about the actor and then the process behind becoming the character on the cover!

Although my focus is acting, I've been encouraged to stay open to modeling work ever since I got started in the industry. So after moving to Toronto (Canada), I eventually got sent out to a Harlequin cover shoot through my modeling agency. A lot of covers are shot here! The way it usually works is that art directors working on the book covers put out a breakdown of what they're looking for in terms of a character description. Modeling agents in turn suggest models who they feel could be a good fit, and then if they're chosen, they get offered the job. Sometimes the art director and/or photographer will also request certain models based on having worked with them before and being a good match for the character.

The process of shooting the book is only part of the whole thing. Art directors come to the set with a lot of the work already done. Character descriptions, the vibe of the "scene", the setting, basically an idea of what they want is laid out on a sheet and all this is discussed with the photographer and their team. They in turn, prepare the set and set the mood with lights, props, sometimes even building part of the set.

While the prep is being done, the models go through hair, makeup and wardrobe. The female models usually spend quite a bit of time in the makeup chair while us guys are lucky and usually have time to sit back as usually very little time is spent on us. Sometimes a few outfits are tried out before settling on something. Sometimes we start with something, and end up changing into something else.
As this is going on, a few test shots will be done before things sort of get locked in...although it can always change throughout the shoot. Once things are good and everyone's happy, the models get into the scene and the photographer shoots away!

Once the shoot is over, favorites are sent back to HQ. Eventually a picture is decided on, the post work begins! Images are edited, mostly to add a backdrop. Although the lighting and some of the props are indeed real, usually the background is usually added in later; sort of like the behind the scenes "green screen" special effects videos you may have seen in the past. However in some cases, the pictures are shot "on location", so no backdrop is added in the edits.

That's the gist of it! A lot of people are involved in each cover, and a lot of work is put into each and every one of them...more than I've described as I'm mostly exposed to what happens in the studio. Of course, none of this would be possible without the authors' books to put a cover on!

Well how sweet is that?
Thanks for the insight, Samy! 

Growing up in Canada's National Capital Region, Samy Osman studied Computer Science and worked full time in the IT field. A few years into his career, he could no longer suppress his desire to change his path and begin a new journey; acting.

Now, he is a life loving actor and aspiring filmmaker who occasionally appears on book covers, with many interest in and outside the film/TV industry, including martial arts and stunt work.

Samy has appeared in many independent films including the leading man in a worldwide contest winning short “2@2”, a supporting role in the award winning action feature “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife” and the lead male in “Clean Break”, which is available across multiple digital platforms in North America. He has also performed in shows such as “Flashpoint”, “Mayday”, “Saving Hope” and a recurring role on “Nikita” starring Maggie Q.

You can catch him playing “Nathan Simmons” in the upcoming feature film “The Perfect Stalker” (release date yet to be announced).



Here we are again and with another gif from the amazing Parks & Recreation and another print release! (eBook releases on September 1!)

This time we're looking at SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES, the last book in my Orion Security series. And, if I do say so myself, the most exciting of the series! Maybe that's because I'm a little partial to the heroine...It's Nikki Waters! Finally we get to see her story plus how she gets along with the new recruit, Jackson Fields! Add in a whole heap of baddies and SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES is one heck of a thrill ride through Dallas, Texas!

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And so we're back with the tradition of a Parks & Recreation gif to celebrate the print release of another book!

This time around we're looking at Be on the Lookout: Bodyguard! Yay! *Throws confetti!* *Joins in dancing* *Cats look at me, concerned.*

BOLO: Bodyguard is BOOK THREE in my Orion Security series!

Follow Orion Bodyguard Jonathan Carmichael through NYC as he fights to keep a young scientist's research out of the wrong hands, while trying to keep the woman behind it out of his!

While you don't have to read this series in order, it sure is fun to!
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