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So, my Intrigue is coming out in April of 2015. I've already written the entire book, finished my Art Fact Sheet (which will be its own post), and mentally celebrated the victory of beginning a career as an author...So why oh why don't I have a title for said book?

And there's the heart of this post.

When I sent off my manuscript to the second round of the So You Think You Can Write contest, I was five minutes from hitting the deadline. It was then that I realized I didn't have a title. I'd been working on it so much that it had become "the book" and nothing more. So, I thought quickly and titled it as UNDONE before sending it out into the ether.

Did that mean I loved the title? No, not in the beginning, but after a few months I couldn't imagine it with any other name. So when my editor said it wouldn't work (too sexy, not saleable for Intrigue) I was a little disappointed. UNDONE was perfect! How was I going to top that?

But, my editor knows best, especially when it comes to Intrigue. I trust her judgement and have been going back and forth with her for a few days on alternative names for my baby. Because, yes, this story has become my baby!


I've read Intrigues but I've never named them. It is way more intimidating and a lot harder than you think because loyal readers are used to a certain format including titles.

Here's a taste of a longer list of names that were nixed so far:
Hunting the Hunter
Missing: Small-Town Shakedown
Small-Town Revenge
Revenge from the Past
Undeterred Detective
Fighting the Past
Detective vs Danger
Closed Case Connection
Old Case, New Danger
Familiar Evidence

Déjà vu Crime
Personal Evidence
Manhunt Mayhem

As you can see, I kind of got desperate towards the end. I only truly liked the first and it just didn't jive. Naming my book something I can be proud of and at the same time meets the Intrigue mold seemed impossible last night.

Until Allison said we should use real law-enforcement jargon with a hook from the story.

APB: The Missing

I don't hate it and it gave us a better springboard to jump from! Hopefully we can come up with a hard-hitting/clever/ name that has an I-NEED-to-read-this reaction from potential readers! I'll make a post as soon as we decide on one!

In the meantime...Names that fit but definitely can't be the title:
Evil Genius Douche
Looking for Women, Found Some Love
Detective Doesn't Like That One Bro
The Past Can Really Suck

A Small-Town's Scary Shenanigans

Posted on July 29, 2014 .