Updates! Miniseries + What's Next

A lot has happened since my last post at the beginning of April.

I've cut my hair shorter, we've sold our house and moved into an older one in a different city, I've turned in three more books to Harlequin, worked on a very cool project for them (more on that later), and have even had enough time to read a book or two during all of that! What I didn't do in that time was blog here, obviously. Why? Well, that time explained above had me in Deadline Land and like I mentioned on my quick update to my lifestyle blog Almost There, no one updates blogs while in Deadline Land!

 To prove we moved AND I have short hair...And that I have a sun hat that's fabulous. 

To prove we moved AND I have short hair...And that I have a sun hat that's fabulous. 

Now, however, I've calmed down enough to be able to say I'm still aware this site exists! And, what's more, I'll even throw out some exciting updates on what to expect in the following month/years!

Harlequin Intrigue
ORION SECURITY consists of four action-packed, romantically-charged books following feisty, clever heroines and the men that desperately try to keep them safe.
Private Investigator Darling Smith and Orion Bodyguard Oliver Quinn must work together to unveil a killer in PRIVATE BODYGUARD! (March 2016)
New mother Kelli Crane and Orion Bodyguard Mark Tranton find out that everything isn't as it seems when their attempts to move on from what happened that tragic night gets derailed in FULL FORCE FATHERHOOD! (April 2016)
Scientist and researcher Kate Spears and Orion Bodyguard Jonathan Carmichael have their hands full when a trip to New York City takes a deadly turn in Book Three (to be named).
Founder and head honcho of Orion Nikki Waters and new recruit Jackson Fields must survive one man's plan of revenge through Dallas, Texas, in Book Four (to be named).

Harlequin ?
I was lucky enough to be asked to collaborate with three other fantastic writers for a serial! More info. on this in a later post!

Today an interview with me went up on Harlequin's SOLD blog! Check it out here for personal, professional, and fun questions and answers about me! 

That's it for now! I'll check back soon!

Posted on October 2, 2015 .