Yesterday, March 17, was the first day that MANHUNT hit bookstore shelves! I was a little too pumped (but isn't it understandable?) and Boy Tyler and I went to a local Barnes & Noble to see it. Sadly, we went a little too early. They hadn't yet switched out the new Harlequin books for the month. However, they did grab me a book from the back and I had the pleasure of buying my book from a bonafide book store! 

And yes, I BOUGHT my book! 

So, until I go back out and take a selfie with MANHUNT on the shelves, here's a wonderful close up provided by Author Angi Morgan from Southlake, Texas! (Also happy to be next to my friend Author Elizabeth Heiter!)

Manhunt B&N

If you have a picture with MANHUNT I'd love to see it! Send it to my email ( or to my Facebook Page!

Now for the NEWS side of the release:
Make sure to check out my post over at Just Romantic Suspense for the chance to win a signed copy of MANHUNT and another personalized video from me! 

More updates to come soon on the MANHUNT-related front AND the marriage-related one!