Happy April Fools (a holiday that destroys trust!!)! 

I'm beyond happy to announce that MANHUNT is finally completely released! The eBooks are available for purchase! 

Order your copy now!
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Now for a few other exciting things to note!

Thanks to a wonderful family member (here's looking at you Dave) I found out that MANHUNT was on the iBooks featured homepage yesterday under Popular Romance! 

I'm PUMPED to say that I'm still there today!

It's so wild to see it just chilling there with my character of Braydon Thatcher just hanging out, especially only a few books away from 50 Shades of Grey!

So THANK YOU to those who made this all possible!

I'm super excited!

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Also another reason I'm excited...

The April 2015 Box Set I'm a part of has been hanging around the top of the Best Sellers in Harlequin Intrigue Romance Series Top 100! Switching between #1 and #2 these past few days! This makes my heart happy for obvious reasons but also because of the ladies I'm sharing this with! I don't personally know Paula Graves (but I know she's a great writer) but I'm good friends with Elizabeth and she's outstanding! So if you want more than MANHUNT, try this out!

Now, go enjoy your April 1!

Try not to fall for any big pranks!

Posted on April 1, 2015 .