Currently Writing Update + Secondary Character Love

Note: Originally posted on my author Facebook Page...but I wanted to make sure I shared because I love her so!

Currently I'm writing Book Two in my new bodyguard-laced Intrigue series. 

Where Private Investigator Darling and Bodyguard Oliver try to catch a killer in Maine for Book One, Book Two follows Bodyguard Mark as he tries to desperately keep Kelli and her daughter from meeting the same fate as his last client while navigating the bipolar Dallas weather!

While I love all of my main characters, I can't deny I thoroughly enjoy creating secondary characters that are filled with depth and importance. Book Two's cast is no exception! Right now I'm in love with Heroine Kelli Crane's childhood best friend! Using humor and (sometimes awkward for Kelli) inside jokes, Lynn is always there to remind Kelli that everything is going to be okay. 

"Don't worry, this isn't as bad as Marcie Diggle's fifteenth birthday party. Unless this bad guy suggests we play spin the bottle with Gordon Duncan again." Lynn made a face. "Despite our current situation all I can think about is that boy's excess saliva. Yeah, this has nothing on that nightmare."