WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Library Edition #2

Have you ever just looked at the condition of someone else's book and thought, my God they are horrible people?! Well I'm sure you're about to think that about me but LET ME PREFACE THIS POST WITH SOME FACTS!

My father bought Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King in 1983.

It survived college, moving, baby me, tornadoes and hurricanes, moving again, toddler me, moving a few more times, a divorce, kid me, a marriage, teen me, and then being stolen by adult me...Where it was put through college again, more moves, a marriage, weather insanity, bursting pipes, and three curious cats.

Basically this is one of my life books that I intend to keep until one of my future children take it, try to protect it, and eventually have their no-good, book-stealing child start the cycle up again.

So before you do what I do when I see such a worn, torn book, know that its missing cover is the result of a well-loved but rough journey! At the end of the day the lack of cover is a badge honor! This book is a survivor! 

Cycle of the Werewolf

Now that I have that rambling preface out of the way...

I have kept it no secret that I love Stephen King and his writing. I've likened his prose to magic and, at times when I get stuck with my own writing, I often turn to one of his books for a jolt of inspiration. Admittedly, I have no idea where this love for his work started. Whether it was from the books or movie adaptations, I have no clue.

My mom was a reader, my dad barely was, and I vaguely remember my uncle praising the Dark Tower series. Growing up there was talk of Misery and The Stand. Then of course IT. Carrie was somewhere in there too and the ending to The Langoliers movie really messed me up. For the life me, I can't remember a single point that transformed me into an avid fan. But I do remember this book and the fact that I've never run across it outside of my father's home or mine which makes it feel even more special.

I've not searched the web for it but if you're a Stephen King fan you might want to pull up that ole Google! Definitely a book worth donning your bookshelf...Though maybe try really hard to NOT lose the cover!

Cycle of the Werewolf back

🐺CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF by Stephen King and illustrated by Bernie Wrightson

For a picture of the back that isn't all Instagram-y and surrounded by cat hair...


Do you have a well-loved but worn book in your personal library or a favorite Stephen King that you just love?