WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Library Edition #4

The World House_Guy Adams

"They had threatened to break his legs if he didn't find them the money owed. It wasn't an inventive threat but the best ones never are. What's the point of intimidation if it's not easily imagined? You want the recipient to get their head around the concepts on offer, to feel the sensation of bones splintering inside their legs like shattered lead in a dropped pencil. With a great threat the pain starts the minute you finish talking."

And that's one of my favorite book openers of all time. Plain and simple.

And that's why THE WORLD HOUSE by Guy Adams has had a place in all of my bookshelves since it released around 2010!

Plus its description is 100 percent intriguing for fantasy and scifi lovers!

Guy Adams

🏠 THE WORLD HOUSE by Guy Adams