Protectors of Riker County // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: 2017 & 2018

Six-book series in which an Alabama Sheriff's department work together to protect the people within their jurisdiction while trying to protect their own hearts in the process.

Small-Town Face-Off Cover

SMALL-TOWN FACE-OFF (#1) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: November 2017

For this lawman, it's do or die in Riker County

Bound to protect and serve, sheriff Billy Reed has tried to let his career be enough. But he could never forget Mara Copeland, the woman who left without a goodbye and hurt him without warning. Now she's back with criminals on her trail and a child in her arms. His child. 

Mara didn't trust the future she and Billy could've had. He's a lawman and she was born into a world of ruthless criminals. Still, he's the man she can turn to. He'll do anything to protect their daughter, but will love be reason enough to forgive Mara and bring their family back together? 

*Christmas themed!

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The Deputy's Witness

THE DEPUTY'S WITNESS (#2) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: December 2017

“Just do your job— protect the witness without falling for her.”

Former city cop Caleb Foster hopes playing by the rules will clear his record so he can get transferred far away from small-town Carpenter, Alabama. But one look into the terrified eyes of a beautiful witness and he’ll make it his mission to protect her, no matter what it takes...

Alyssa Garner thought testifying against a trio of lethal bank robbers would finally end her months-long nightmare.

Now Caleb is the only person she can trust when she and other witnesses become targets. She can’t resist him—or the secrets he won’t reveal. But someone driven by obsession is ahead of their every move...and won’t stop till she's the ultimate prize.


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FORGOTTEN PIECES (#3) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: January 2018

She lost her memory but gained a target on her back...

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LOVING BABY (#4) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: February 2018

He thought overcoming his past was hard enough but fighting for a future might finally give him a run for his money…

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