The long and (very) short of it


TYLER ANNE SNELL has written over fifteen romantic suspense and thriller novels to date. Her next release will be in June 2019.
Tyler Anne Snell lives in South Alabama with her same-named husband, their mini “lions,” and a burning desire to meet Kurt Russell. When she isn’t writing thrilling mysteries and romance, she’s reading sci-fi, urban fantasy, and wonderfully relatable romantic comedies. Her super powers include being awkward and staying up too late. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she told her kindergarten teacher to leave her alone because she was in the middle of writing a scene. How she gets through each day starts and ends with a big cup of coffee.



Currently writing: The first book in ACCIDENTALLY VIRAL, my romantic comedy series for Entangled: Lovestruck!

First published book: MANHUNT! It was published by Harlequin Books under their Intrigue line.

Represented by: Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency! 

Current home: South Alabama! Yes, the humidity is worse than you think.

Partner in crime: Boy Tyler. Different from Writer Tyler. 

Children: A slew of cats. Milo, Harbor, and Khan (insert gif of Shatner yelling, "Khaaaaaaan" here)!

Guilty pleasures: Coffee, reading, coffee, video games, sweet tea, coffee, and Netflix.

Special skills: Singing all the words to R.E.M's END OF THE WORLD while running on the treadmill.

Favorite phrase: "It's fine!" ...Which can be found in every book. #ItsFine