Around 2012 I started a blog.

Almost There was a place for me to stretch the creative side of myself while trying to chase my dreams at the same time. From DIY projects to posts filled with things that inspired me, I fell in love with the concept of "Almost There." And then that love expanded to Holli Anne, one of my besties, when she joined up to share her creativity, life, and the journey of chasing her own dreams. What was a shared place for us to talk about life became an online home that we frequented. 

The years went by, we had broad, impressive goals about the future of our blog and then BAM life happened for both of us. We went from two people trying to get our lives started to one day realizing that they already had in very big ways. We'd somehow found ourselves on paths we didn't plan for...And loving every bit of it.

Now, both excited and very happy to tackle the future on these new, different, very busy paths, we've made the decision to say "see you later" to Almost There. Because it might not be forever but we can't deny that life has other plans for us, away from our very loved, little blog!

So, let's all give a little wave to the memory of one of the best decisions I ever made and remember the good times!

Because, like Holli Anne pointed out, maybe we are much closer to THERE than we once thought!


Almost There's Facebook will remain active because sometimes it's just too hard to let go. Also we will still occasionally update it with what's going on with the Annes! 

If you'd like to follow one of Holli Anne's new adventures check out the new blog she started with her uber talented husband! 

If you'd like to follow my adventures then keep to this website for updates!