winding road redemption series

CREDIBLE ALIBI (#2) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releasing: July 2019

Who knew a man from her past…
would save her from an unpredictable future?

Just as innkeeper Madeline Nash is wrongly accused of a crime, former lover Julian Mercer unexpectedly shows up and lies to give her an alibi. As Julian’s deceit draws him into the dangers and mysteries of Madi’s troubled past, their romance rekindles. Nothing can keep him from protecting the woman he never forgot—not even bullets.

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“Julian, I’m the only one who knew the gun was here,” she cried. Her body stiffened. She raised her head. “I know everything keeps pointing to me but I swear I didn’t kill her. I swear it!”

Julian leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto her forehead.

“I know you didn’t do it,” he assured her. “But you weren’t the only one who knew where the gun was. Someone else had to have known. And if you didn’t tell anyone where you put it, then—”

“Then someone must have followed me.”

Julian tried not to let his body tense. He nodded, gaze sweeping the trees around them.

“But why?” she asked into his chest.

More than anything Julian wished he could give her an answer. He wished he could make it all better. Assuage her worries and take her to bed and give her some pleasure in place of the pain that seemed to keep finding its way to her.

But, instead, he was about to invite more worry and pain.


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