winding road redemption series

REINING IN TROUBLE (#1) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releasing: June 2019

Guarded hearts.
Unspeakable danger.

Detective Caleb Nash’s childhood kidnapper has never been caught, and not even reuniting with his family has healed the scars. Then he meets guarded, beautiful Nina Drake. Damaged by her own past and living in self-imposed isolation, Nina tries to keep her distance from the cowboy lawman. But when she’s the target of mysterious attacks, only Caleb can keep her safe. Will his vow to protect resurrect his own childhood torments?

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Nina realized her heart was in her throat. The fire was consuming one side of the house, but it wouldn’t be long before it was destroying all of it. Movement flashed in front of the window next to the front door.

A loud crack split through the air. The left side of the house shuddered. Flames spiked higher in the air as half of the roof crumbled.


Nina ran around the house. The back door was wide open. Smoke had already filled the inside.

“Caleb,” she tried again, taking an uncertain step forward. She couldn’t hear anything else over the fire burrowing into the structure. No one moved.

Terror clawed at Nina’s heart. Then she thought about her mom.”

Bolstered by thoughts of her mother and two of the bluest eyes she’d seen, Nina covered her mouth and nose with her arm and ran into the cabin.