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FORGOTTEN PIECES (#3) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: January 2018

She knows who killed his wife…if she could only remember

A woman screaming into a phone sends Riker County detective Matt Walker racing to the rescue of his onetime nemesis, Maggie Carson. Four years ago, the green-eyed journalist accused him of killing his wife. 

Her first solid lead in the case she can't let go just landed Maggie in the custody of the Alabama lawman who hates her. The single mother can't remember the past twenty-four hours and now there's a target on her back. As they move closer to the truth…as desire turns enemies into passionate allies, Matt will move heaven and earth to protect Maggie—and the love that's bigger than both of them. 


Books and Spoons // "A mesmerizing tale that charmed me with the strong, smart, capable, kick-ass heroine who truly was equal to the hero, the detective who couldn't stand her or her past actions. 
I have to say I am impressed how the author played the troublesome relationship between the leading lady and the man. The dislike is palpable at the beginning of the story, and to get from that state of mind to a believable, authentic, romantic relationship - this is romantic suspense, so it is expected, no spoilers here - in the shorter category length novel, and succeed in it like the case is here, I have to say 'well done.'
" (Full review here.)


“What’s a seven-letter word for a man who is an all-around donkey to the people who are just trying to help him?”

Maggie Carson shifted her weight to the other foot and blew a frustrated breath out. It moved a wayward spiral of hair out of her face. She tried to tuck it back into the makeshift ponytail holder but it was a no-go. Like her it was probably done with the flip-flopping, hot-and-cold weather. Humid to the point of feeling like you were swimming standing up and then nothing but a dry chill. It was like south Alabama had a fever. Not that she was overly concerned about the weather.

At least not when she was in the process of breaking and entering.

Or attempting to break and enter.

“Not going to answer me, huh?”

She gave the man crouched down next to her, fiddling with the lock, a look that would have done her reputation for being a handful proud. Except the man wasn’t having any of it. He kept his eyes straight ahead and his fingers working.

Those fingers.

Those hands.

Oh, Lordy, what she could do with those.

Maggie shook her head, and the thought, away, surprised it had sprung up in the first place. Sure, Detective Matt Walker was a twelve on a ten-point scale of yummy—there was no denying that—but he was also still Detective Matt Walker. A man who had once called her a no-good ambulance chaser, pot stirrer and a scourge against society without an ounce of regret or shame. Not that she blamed him. She had accused him of murder. His wife’s murder, to boot.

But she had apologized for that.

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” she said, bending at the waist to keep her volume low. The smell of some generic cologne wafted up to her. The image of his hands came back. Maggie powered through it. “The magic word is jack—”

The lock unlatched, distracting her from her insult. For now.

“Tricking me into coming over to break into your house because you got locked out isn’t helping me,” he deadpanned. “In fact, that’s making a false report and is punishable by law.” He stood tall and brushed off his jeans. “And I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about carting you off to jail before.”

A smirk pulled up the corners of his lips—the bottom one plump and ripe for the taking—but Maggie knew he was telling the truth without his snark. Which was why she’d kept her distance for the past five years. Still, it seemed there might not be enough time in the world to put their particular stream of water under the bridge.