The Deputy's Baby

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THE DEPUTY'S BABY (#5) // Harlequin Intrigue
Releases: August 2018

Danger brought them back together.
Will a secret baby tear them apart?

As the newest deputy in town, Henry Ward is hoping to escape painful memories. Then a rain of bullets brings his history rising up again, throwing Cassie Gates directly into his path. He hasn’t forgotten their night together, seven months ago. And now that he’s seen her—pregnant with his child—Henry knows he’s fighting more than his past. He’s fighting for his future.


Harlequin Post // "If you're new to romantic suspense, these will keep you at the edge of your reading seat!" (Full article here.)

Books and Spoons // "The intense and unpredictable suspense keeps you on the edge while the ardent, growing attraction between the protagonists melts your heart... The Deputy's Baby has just the right balance between the potent and harsh action and the sweet and tender romance." (Full review here.)

The Romance Shelf // "In between the non-stop action was a beautifully nuanced romance, so nicely done and so wonderfully textured. You could feel the magnetic pull between Henry and Cassie as though you were actually watching it play out in front of your eyes, and that’s something that doesn’t often happen...This is definitely one of the best romance books I have read, period. Don’t miss it. And let’s take a moment to stare at that gorgeous cover, shall we? One of the best Intrigues, hands down." (Full review here.)

Praise for the character chemistry // "The sizzle between Henry and Cassie is palpable. Even with the misunderstandings and hurt feelings between them, they are drawn to each other, and not just because of the baby. The connection is real, it is tangible, they understand each other, they get each other, admire and respect the other, just perfect together despite the friction still lingering between them, that they have to work on."


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“Stay here,” Henry ordered. “There could be more than one shooter.”

She nodded and watched as he disappeared. Without his weight keeping her arms down, Cassie was able to reach up and touch the scar on her neck.

Then she dropped her hand to her stomach.

Henry’s voice joined the chorus of the law enforcement in the diner. It had been so long since she’d heard it like this. Panic and determination. Fear and anger. Uncertainty and planning. And then there Henry was, among them, adding to the group. It had been over seven months since she’d seen him. Now there he was after no contact whatsoever.

And still he’d tried to protect her.

Cassie rubbed the bump beneath her loose-fitting shirt.

Henry Ward had no idea he’d just protected his unborn child, too.