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SMALL-TOWN FACE-OFF (#1) // Harlequin Intrigue
Released: November 2017

For this lawman, it's do or die in Riker County

Bound to protect and serve, sheriff Billy Reed has tried to let his career be enough. But he could never forget Mara Copeland, the woman who left without a goodbye and hurt him without warning. Now she's back with criminals on her trail and a child in her arms. His child. 

Mara didn't trust the future she and Billy could've had. He's a lawman and she was born into a world of ruthless criminals. Still, he's the man she can turn to. He'll do anything to protect their daughter, but will love be reason enough to forgive Mara and bring their family back together? 

*Christmas themed!


Books and Spoons // "An entertaining, intense, and engaging story with a great balance between the mystery and passion." (Full review here.)

Amazon Reviewer // "Small-Town Face-Off is one of those books where you read until your eyes are too blurry to continue then wake up in the morning and grab it off the nightstand to finish...even before coffee!" (Full review here.)

Amazon Reviewer // "This book starts off full of danger, excitement and a palatable chemistry between our hero and the lady who left him without a goodbye. I love Billy and his integrity in protecting his county and those he loves even when he needs answers from the past. Not a boring minute from start to finish. You are just immersed in the story. Highly recommend." (Full review here.)


Mara froze, watching as the sheriff, completely clothed, stood in front of a very naked her.

Billy had seen her naked on several different occasions while they had been together. What was beneath her clothes wasn’t a mystery to the man; however, she expected him to at least give her a once-over. Even if she was caught between utter confusion as to why he was standing in front of her in the first place.

Yet, Billy’s gaze never left her own.

He closed the space between them so fast that she didn’t have time to question it. He grabbed her face in his hands and crashed his lips into hers without a second thought. Mara, too stunned to react, let alone speak, stood stock-still as he pulled back, breaking the kiss.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.”